AlumiCore Clutch End Cap

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This is a replacement end cap that can be used with our AlumiCore throttles. Available replacement options include; clutch end cap (end cap only), clutch end cap kit (end cap + wedge assembly), and throttle end cap kit (end cap + screw) - all available in black or chrome finish.

Technical Details

  • Clutch end cap includes end cap only 
  • Available in chrome or black electroplate finishes 
  • Other replacement options available: clutch end cap kit (end cap + wedge assembly) and throttle end cap kit (end cap + screw)
  • Designed for our AlumiCore throttles 


    Form and Function


    AlumiCore grips are available in two styles: Throttle-by-Wire (TBW) for select model-year Harley-Davidson motorcycles featuring this technology, and Dual-Cable for conventional H-D hand controls. AlumiCore grips ARE NOT designed for nor will they fit any other brand of OE or aftermarket hand control—DO NOT try to install them on any non-compatible brand or model of motorcycle.