Dynojet Power Vision PV-3B 2021-2022 Harley Davidson

Dynojet Power Vision PV-3B 2021-2022 Harley Davidson

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5/5/2022: Due to dramatic increases in the costs of the component parts required to manufacture the Dynojet Power Vision device we've experienced a significant & immediate increase in retail price by Dynojet. While we're disheartened with this increase it was necessary to sustain this full featured tuning device. If you are looking for a more cost effective tuning option check out the new Dynojet PV4 $388.99, or Dynojet PV3 $419.99

  • Power Vision's are programmed & shipped within 24 hours! 
  • Fuel Moto tunes are available for 107, 114, & 117 Stage 1 & Stage 2 combinations & Pan America. We have over 100 tunes for 2021-2022 bikes
  • Maps are available for USA models only at this time, we do not currently have tunes for international models
  • Fuel Moto is now distributing big bore tunes for 2021-2022 FLH/FLT and Softail models for assorted applications however it will take quite a while to get thru all of the combinations, we have assorted base tunes for FM 124/128 kits as well as SE 131 and Stage III kits, we will continue to develop maps thru out the winter. We do not have tunes for every big bore combination however we can supply base maps to ease the tuning process. 

For PV-3B General Technical Information please click here>>

We have several 2021+ bikes in-house and will continue to build our database. If you have a unique configuration we may not have tunes available. For tune availability before purchase please email info@fuelmotousa.com 

Power Vision PV-3B is more powerful than ever with more tuning tables & enhancements! 


  • The quickest and most powerful flash tuner on the market
  • The sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, 3.5" full-color touch-screen display mounts to handlebars with integrated Amps 4-hole threaded inserts; also mounts to most aftermarket accessory mounts that feature AMPS 4-mounting options
  • The display's interface cable plugs directly to the bike's diagnostic connector
  • NO COMPUTER REQUIRED; simply select the tune and follow the on-screen prompts to flash the bike; tunes can also be edited directly from the Power Vision
  • Utilizes WinPV (Windows PC-based tuning application)
  • Stores up to 8 different tunes that can be flashed to the bike
  • automatically downloads and stores the stock calibration in case OEM restoration is needed; stock calibration can also be saved as an editable copy and used as a starting point
  • Fuel Moto will pre-program the Power Vision with a tune for your setup, you will be asked for your modifications during checkout
  • Displays & logs H-D vehicle data, wide-band air fuel ratio (if equipped) and various calculated channels (including MPG instant and trip MPG)
  • AutoTune Basic and Pro calculates and stores fuel trims to optimize fuel curve
  • Checks and clears diagnostic codes
  • Features adaptive trims and idle offset (with bike running)
  • Flat black outer case
  • Additional tune licenses are available. Tune an unlimited amount of bikes with one Power Vision! click here for more info 
  • MANUFACTURER'S NOTE: The Power Vision "marries" to one individual ECM and may be used only on that bike for flashing the ECM. The Power Vision may be used on any bike to read and clean trouble codes.