Mushman Foot Pegs HD ST18 / Pan America Rider

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The name of our investment-cast, retro MX-inspired foot pegs pays homage to Steve McQueen's alter ego at the legendary Elsinore Gran Prix. The Hollywood legend wrote "Harvey Mushman" on sign-up sheets so movie big wigs couldn't sweat him for living dangerously.

Technical Details

  • Adjustable foot pegs constructed with investment-cast stainless steel
  • Clevis fits foot-control mounts for RIDER on 2018-up Softail and 2021-up Pan America Harley-Davidsons
  • Investment-cast 4130 chromoly clevises with 5/16-18 t.p.i. Allen cap mounting hardware
  • Finish choices: Black electroplate peg and clevis; raw polished peg with chrome-plated clevis


    Install Tips


    Mushman foot pegs with 2018-up Softail and 2021-up Pan America Rider clevises fit foot controls on select models in this range. They DO NOT fit the passenger foot peg mounts on these models—there is a second peg/clevis assembly for this application. Apply a drop of Loc-Tite to the shaft of the clevis before you insert it into the receiver hole on the foot peg. Apply a second drop of Loc-Tite to the threads of the mounting bolt before tightening. Tighten firmly with an Allen wrench before riding. Re-check tightness of mounting hardware after the first ride. Use the stock H-D pin, spring and pin retainer clip off your old foot pegs to install these Biltwell pegs on your motorcycle.