Mushman Foot Pegs HD Step

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The name of our investment-cast, retro MX-inspired foot pegs pays homage to Steve McQueen's alter ego at the legendary Elsinore Gran Prix. The Hollywood legend wrote "Harvey Mushman" on sign-up sheets so movie big wigs couldn't sweat him for living dangerously.

Technical Details

  • Adjustable foot pegs constructed with investment-cast stainless steel
  • Investment-cast 4130 chromoly clevises with 5/16-18 t.p.i. Allen cap mounting hardware
  • Finish choices: Black electroplate peg and clevis; raw polished peg with chrome-plated clevis
  • Our Step clevis fits wide range of late-model H-D foot control brackets—see Fitment
  • Anti-sag washers supplied level foot pegs when installed on old or bent Harley foot peg brackets


    Install Tips


    Mushman foot pegs with Step clevises fit rider foot controls on the following H-D models:

    • '11-'19 XL883, XL1200C

    • '16-'19 XL1200CX

    • '12-'16 XL1200V

    • '10-'19 XL1200X

    • '18-'19 XL1200XS

    • '08-'11 FXCW, FXCWX

    • '11-'17 FXS, FXSB

    • '16-'17 FXSE

    Apply a drop of Loc-Tite to the shaft of the clevis before you insert it into the receiver hole on the foot peg. Apply a second drop of Loc-Tite to the threads of the mounting bolt before tightening. Tighten firmly with an Allen wrench before riding. Re-check all mounting hardware after the first ride.