THRASHIN Anti-Reversion Dual Exhaust System - M8 Softail - BACK ORDER - Ship Date October 10th

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The Thrashin Dual System has equalength stepped headpipes featuring Jim Feuling's patented headpipe AR Chambers that are placed at the transition from 1-3/4" to 1-7/8". These technologies promote continuous exhaust gas flow, reducing 'reversionary' pressure waves or 'unwanted' exhaust pollution of the intake charge and combustion chamber, providing increased engine performance and efficiency.

This Exhaust features dual mufflers packed with perforated baffle and 'Dog Ball' inserts to absorb high pitch frequencies, producing a unique deep tone while minimizing the efforts to column inertia through mufflers. All Thrashin baffles are wrapped in replaceable stainless wool and high temp fiberglass, providing extended life packing while minimizing muffler discoloration.


See the dyno graph below where we started with the stock 107" putting out 77HP and 100TQ. We upgraded the cubic inch to 114", installed Feuling 465 Grind Cam, Feuling Oiling System, Beehive Valve Springs, K&N Intake, and our Thrashin Dual System and put out 113HP and 131TQ

Hand crafted out of stainless steel right here in Los Angeles, CA.

Please allow 7-10 business days for Show Polish Finish.

For Black Ceramic Finish please allow 2-3 weeks until exhaust is shipped.